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Beauty of Obedience


Video Series


The Beauty of Obedience

Write a book, start a blog, podcast, or business, lose the weight, share your faith, get unstuck, step into your calling…

We all have things we want to do in life. Maybe even things we feel called to do by God, but fear and doubt keep us from accomplishing those things.

I want to invite you to join me in this 4-part video series where we’ll dive into what it looks like to live a life of obedience, break free from fear, and step out in faith.

What people are saying about the series:

“This series was so helpful for releasing my paralysis… it has lessened my apprehension about taking the next step. You demystified it somehow. God’s perfect timing that I found you and your book through The Bible App.—Patti Ann

I took action. I’ve stepped out and contacted schools and churches about the girls running/empowerment club. I gave it to Him 1st and prayed over everything, I invited Him into all of it. Between your email and my pastor’s message of “not wasting your purpose,” I stepped out in obedience.—Christine

This has helped me so much. I’m not very good at taking action so that’s next for me. But this has helped change my heart a lot and been such an encouragement. There are things that have been uncovered that I didn’t realize were in my mind so much.—Lauren

I have at least gotten out each day and walked or worked out! And I am the one who talks to my ministry before we go out on outreach. I don’t know what to say half the time, but it has been cool as God literally has spoken through me to a point that I don’t remember what I said… I have also been telling my thoughts more after I read my Bible and making notes as well as reading a little more and trying to write things about what I read… and I finally wrote down I am going to write a book… that was even hard!—Lindsey

Beauty of Obedience Video Series

Series includes 4, 8-10 min video teachings, sent to your email to work at your own pace.

Week 1- Define and Discover Your Step of Obedience (everyone has one)

Week 2- Overcoming Distractions and Laziness

Week 3- Overcoming Pride, Fear, and Unbelief

Week 4- Make Obedience Effortless

Each video includes discussion/reflection questions to get you moving in the right direction toward those things that are on your heart to accomplish.

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